Second Opinions

Second Opinions

Hey guys!

SC has finally starting to dry up from all the rain we have had. Columbia’s water is still bad and clean up is still going on so we have been thankful for nice weather.

Finally put on my big girl panties and called two other fertility clinics in our area to get a second opinion. Hubs and I debated on doing another transfer before the holidays but I just didn’t feel ready. So during this wait-and-see time I am going to see what other professionals are thinking when they look at my chart.

I told my mom about my new appointments and she was worried about how I was going to get my records from my current RE.

Umm. Just call them. I might be awkward but oh well. I am just another patient.

I think she was worried that my current RE wouldn’t treat me if I saw someone else. I told her not to worry. This is not like some awkward break up….just testing the waters. And hey, I probably will come back. I have 8 little embryos just chilling in the freezer.

So tomorrow I am doing the awkward phone call to see if I can get my records. I thought that would be less noticeable that sending those release form from the new REs. I guess I will have to pay for them? I don’t know.

Hope everyone is hanging in there. Can’t believe how fast October is moving! The holidays will be here before we know it.



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