Our Story


If there was a word to sum up our relationship, it would be anticipation.

My husband and I are high school sweethearts. Although we knew of each other for practically years, we really didn’t starting noticing each other until my sophomore and his senior year. I was only 16, but knew early on that I was going to marry that boy.


Then, he went off to college about two hours away. If that wasn’t enough, he also was a college athlete, so he spent lots of time at practice, at games, on the road. So we would plan our weeks around when we could see each other again. We called it…the anticipation…(see…get it?)

us again us

So for five years, we spent our week anticipating when we would see each other again. Sometimes we would see each other about every weekend. Sometimes, a month at a time. But for us, our relationship was something that was worth fighting for. We know we had something special.

And we did. We got married 6 and a half years later.


We have been blissfully married for four and half years. And I can truly say I love him more than I could ever imagine those 11 long years ago.

Early on in our marriage, I knew I wanted children. Soon. But my husband wasn’t ready. So I prayed for the Lord to make my heart wait…and in the mean time I filled our house with furry children.

We have two children. Furry children. Whom we love more than anything in this world. If my house was on fire, the only thing I would save would be my dogs. Charleigh is our “first born.” She is a West Highland White Terrier, or a Westie, who wound up at a no-kill shelter when she was seven years old. We rescued her, only to realize she was very sick. She has diabetes (yes, dogs get diabetes. Who knew?) and she has Cushing’s. We treat her everyday. She is know 11, and it breaks my heart that we might not have too much longer with her. She is such a wonderful dog. We would truly be lost without our “old girl.” Our next born is Lillie, the Wauzer (that is Schanuzer and Westie put together. At least that is what we were told she was). She is also a rescue who I drove six hours to get after finding her on PetFinder.com. She has many nicknames (Rat, Crazy, etc.) but we love her. Even when she chews EVERYTHING in sight. Including our wall. I am not sure what I would do without these two furry ones!


I remember how excited I was when my husband told me that yes, he was ready to build our family. I about jumped him right there….haha. We took the not-trying, not-preventing route for about 6 months when we were ready to get serious. And continued trying for another 12 months before I thought…maybe something is wrong.

After tests and more tests, my husband and I were diagnosed with unexplained infertility. We are embarking on our first trial of our marriage…the road of IVF. But we are excited and scared all at once!

So, here we are, anticipating the birth of our first child….

Told you that anticipation was going to be a theme! 🙂




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