One of the worst weekend of my life!!!!!

One of the worst weekend of my life!!!!!

We had to put our sweet Charleigh girl down yesterday. My heart is breaking! 


I am trying to stay as positive as possible for my transfer on Wednesday. Please say a little prayer for me and my husband. We are dealing with a lot of sh** right now.

FET scheduled for next Wednesday

FET scheduled for next Wednesday

It is crazy that I have finally reached my FET. It has been a long time coming. So much has happened this week, so praying for an uneventful next two weeks ….maybe ending in a BFP!

My doggie took a turn for the worst this past weekend and it looked as though we were am going to have to put her down. She quit eating and was having diarrhea. She could hardly stand up. It broke my heart so much. But today, she is eating and happy and spunky. I told her she can’t die next week. That was an order.

Ultrasound today shows my lining at 10mm and tripled layered. Yay! Have more blood work on Monday. Then transfer on Wednesday! 

Taking Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off from work to bed rest it. I have having a debate with my MIL. She wants me to stay in the downstairs bedroom so I don’t have to move much. I really want to spend my time in my own bed (I LOVE MY BED!!!!!) but I have to walk up the stairs.

What do you recommend? How much bed rest did you take after your transfer?

Will touch base next week!


Sorry for being MIA

Sorry for being MIA

I am back! Sorry for being missing in action! Things have been severely uneventful in my neck of the woods the last couple of weeks until now (which is a super blessing)!

Took my last BC pill tonight and as soon as I start my period I start my FET. I can’t believe it is finally here. Praying for success but know that it may not come. 

I am trying to stay as gluten free as possible but it is so hard! I ate a brownie tonight and it was so good, but I felt so bad afterward. Just guilty. But my belly was super happy! I am also drinking raspberry leaf tea (when I can remember). I am also trying to stay as stress free as possible (which is not working very well).

My sweet 12-year -old doggie just got diagnosed with chronic kidney failure. We knew it was coming; she has diabetes and Cushing’s Disease, but it really happened fast. We are giving her fluids under the skin to help her flush out toxins in her kidneys but that is pretty much all we can do. She is still pretty spunky now but the vet said that when the time comes we will know. My heart is just broken! 

I am not sure if this makes me selfish or not but I am so scared she is gonna die during my FET and it won’t work because I am so upset. I just keep praying that Charleigh can make it until after that time.

She is my girl! I begged my husband for a dog right after we got married. He finally agreed to take me to a pet shelter here to pick one out. It was Thanksgiving weekend. When we pulled up, I saw this little white dog just shivering in her cage. I walked up to her and told my husband “I want this one. This is my dog.” M asked if I wanted to look around. I didn’t. It was just something about her that I knew that she was mine. It was a weird feeling. And she had been dropped off that day only hours before. She is actually a AKC registered Westie as the shelter is suppose to hold her for a waiting list but THANKFULLY we knew one of the volunteers handling the adoptions and she let us have her. Charleigh girl was seven years old then. She was diagnosed with diabetes soon after that. (That is why my husband is such a good shot giver during IVF!!!!)

She has been with me through it all. She was with me when my hubby was off playing baseball during the summer. She has also been one of the best guard dogs around. She has gotten moody in her old age but she is the best at snuggling. We have been trying to do her favorite things like go for walks and chase squirrels or snuggle on the couch with me. I want to cherish these days with her!

I am gonna miss her when she is gone. I have always had a feeling that she would die before we had kids. Looks like that has a real possibility of happening.

I will post later in the week when I get my protocol!

Until then….


Long time no write!

Long time no write!

Hey guys!

So sorry I have been MIA. Life has been kind of crazy between my new photography business and work and LIFE! Whew! Could hardly keep up.

Started the FET process with Estrogen patches a couple of weeks ago. First of all, those things are STICKY! I cried pulling off the first one. So I resorted to shaving my stomach to see if that would help. It did. Until I had to put four on at one time. Yikes. And then the sticky stays on for DAYS! My mom suggested baby oil to help get the sticky off but that just makes my skin really greasy and then the patches won’t stay on. I read somewhere that lemon juice works? Maybe I will try that. It just looks gross on my belly with all that sticky stuff. 

On top of being really sticky, they are making my stomach break out. Bandaids do that to so I am not surprised but it keeps getting worse and worse. I move them around as best as I can but by the time you hit four patches, you kind of run out of space. And the skin is raw from being irritated with latex and me trying to scrub the sticky off. So pants are not comfortable. But I love to wear a dress so that works out. Just have to shave my legs (and my stomach) more often! 

Anywho, this is my mock trial month so I went in for an ultrasound and bloodwork. My lining is measuring 11mm and it is tripled layered! So excited. I start progesterone on Friday morning. Dreading those shots but there is (hopefully) a baby had the end of this long tunnel. On Tuesday I go in for a endometrial biopsy. I am petrified! I should not have googled anything today at work. If it is anything like the HSG (which left me sobbing on the table) then this is gonna be HELL. Any experience with this??

After that I start a couple weeks of BC and then start the official FET protocol! Time is flying!

Heading to the beach with my in-laws this weekend so I am excited for a weekend of relaxation. I am despising the fact that I weigh 10 pounds heavier than I did last summer and all this bloating is not helping but oh well. I will be fat if that means I will get pregnant! 

Started back at acupuncture today. Had to take a couple of weeks off due to money issues and scheduling but it feels great to be back. I love acupuncture. 

My photography business is booming which is wonderful. The extra funds has helped me get back into acupuncture and helped pay for some of our FET which was nice. It has been amazing, something I never saw coming. I am planning to take July off to rest up for my transfer. I don’t want to mess up anything. Then, I will see how far I want to push my business. It has been a great distraction from all this fertility madness. I am exhausted but oh so happy!

To be honest, this is the happiest I have been in a long time. I am content. I feel great inside. I am posture and upbeat. Maybe this is a sign that things are gonna go my way on July 29!  Hoping and praying!

Will let yall know how the shots are going. Meanwhile I am gonna have my fat a** in a beach chair with sand in my toes for a couple of days!



FET here we come!

FET here we come!

Here is a really quick post! Starting my FET protocol today with a mock trial cycle. So excited!

Having a really weird period though. Really light brown to light red…kind of wondering if this is a period at all but I guess a bleed is a bleed. I think my body is still wacked up from all the meds from IVF. I mean, I am five days late!!!! (And not PG!)

I am on the estrogen patches now until June 3, when I go in for an ultrasound and bloodwork. Then when my period starts I am back on BC for a month. Then after that bleed we start the FET with transfer at the end of July! So excited and praying so hard that this will work!



My New Adventure!

My New Adventure!

Through all this crazy IVF mess, I have been working on a secret project to help pay for medical bills and extra expenses. I am proud to announce my newest adventure… I FINALLY got the nerve to create my new photography and videography business. I am super excited to where it is heading. I am actually booked most weekend days through the end of May, which is unbelievable. I never thought that this would take off so fast.

It has been such a wonderful distraction from my infertility. Being around such sweet children has really been a blessing. Their little sweet faces make me really enjoy being behind the camera!

Here are some pics I took of my sweet nieces and nephew: 


Welp…Something Had To Go Wrong

Welp…Something Had To Go Wrong

Ugh. My FET has been pushed back until…well…I am not sure when.

I just had my egg retrieval on April 11. Since I am having a freeze all cycle, I wasn’t put on any progesterone support. So life went on as usual until Thursday night when I went to the bathroom and saw a crime scene in my panties!

After I realized that I wasn’t dying, I figured my period had started early. I emailed the nurse to let her know and to find out what my next step would be in my FET.

I also talked to a nurse on Friday when she called to tell me about my three little embryos who made it to freeze. I told her I thought I had started my period. To which she said, “yes, that is your period.”

So here I am on Day 5 and I get a call from my IVF coordinator who tells me that we have to wait until my next period because we have to start to patches on Day 1….


Why didn’t they tell me this last week?!?

And my doctor is going away on a conference at the end of June, which may also fall on my transfer date.

Anyway…things had been going so well that it is only natural for something to go wrong. At least this was the thing that did not as planned and not the transfer or something.

So there is nothing I can do but suck it up and move on. I plan to use this extra month (or two) to lose a little weight and get myself mentally ready for the FET.

Whenever that will be!